Why Character

Okay, as you can tell I am a nerd for Character. I would like to share this conversion with you. I am going to omit the names, but I would like to thank T.O. for sharing this character moment with me.

P1: Hey [name], I am still looking for your info for reunion which is July 24-25th. Would you please send me your email, cell and address. We also have a facebook page under [school] class of [yr]. Would LOVE to have you like that page. We would love to see you at reunion.

P2: At the 20th I knew roughly 80% of the people there, but only three knew me and none would have referred to me as a friend. I am fairly confident that nobody would even know to care whether or not I was there.

P1: Well………I think some remembered you due to the fact we were talking about you on Saturday night at the reunion meeting and the lovely email you sent after reunion. In fact I still have your email in my High School Reunion Folder! This is part of it…

P2 Email: A year ago I went to [Wife’s] high school reunion and I sat there in curious wonder as my mind opened to faces that I had buried long ago. I saw [name], who I had believed was the cutest girl alive. I saw [name] and felt my blood boil with loathing hate. I saw kids with faces I knew, and I saw [me] sitting in the shadows wanting to fit in…

I was concerned about going to my high school reunion. I had not been that kid for twenty years and I could recall no memories that I could hold to conversation. The closer I got to [town] the more I could feel his shell closing in around me. That kid was not me and I didn’t feel like I belonged at this reunion. In fact, when [Wife] and I toured the high school and looked at the plaque that paid tribute to the hometown heroes, I had to chuckle that my name wasn’t on it. “You see [Wife]. I was never here”
But, I’m glad I went!

P1: I understand if you don’t want to come, but I wanted you to know that your email touched me a long time ago and others because your name was brought up just last Saturday night with fond things said….. If you would like me to send you info I would be happy to do that,.. if not I understand.

P2: My email is [email] Send me the info and we’ll see. Thanks [P1]


P2: You know I have been working to allow myself to cry again and that made me cry. Thank you

P1: It is a beautiful email!! I have kept it all these years!

P2: It was not the email… Thanks, to you.

P1: Have a great DAY [P2]!!!!

Collaborative topic: What Character do you see in this…?

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