A Touch on Wisdom

When dawn breaks and my mind wakes to face the day; on the table is a book; in the corner is a bag; both old, tattered, faded, and torn. Which do I reach for as I rise to live my day?

In both there is the same. There is the beaten little boy who feels alone as an only child. There is the lonely youth who is not allowed to be a friend. There is the broken young man who died to love. There is the disheartened Marine who comes home alone. There is the husband who has found his Grace, yet struggles to find his place. There is the father who wants to transcend the world, but is afraid his son will face a world that is without purpose: Without hope…

In the bag the past still lives… When our bag is opened whatever life that was, lives again and without resolve lives the same as it was. This becomes a dissonance in our events and our relationships, for within the bag is random pattern of being lost. All of us have a bag… When we open our bag to an event, do we know who it will be that faces the event? When we open our bag in our relationships does the other know who they are now in the relationship with? Do we know who they are now in the relationship with…?

In the book the past is a story… When our book is opened whatever life that was, is now a guide of Wisdom for our life that will be. The challenge here is that not all of us have a book – And we will not until we write our story.

Wisdom is defined as knowledge of experience and as Knowledge is a character strength of the virtue Intelligence one might think that Wisdom would be a strength of Intelligence. But Wisdom…, is much more!

Intelligence is how we progress with what we know, but Wisdom…? Wisdom can only be Wisdom if it is shared. With Wisdom we write; with Wisdom we teach; with Wisdom we become something more. Wisdom is a strength of Transcendence. With Wisdom our events transcend, our relationships transcend, and the vitality of our life transcends.

With Character Profiling you learn to know who you are; you share who you are; and in your life, you transcend. You learn to write your story and you become something more…

Collaborative Topic: Have you written your book? Are you wise to how you will live today?

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