Just a Uniform…?

During one of my first formations when I got to the fleet Sgt Dennison got in my face and yelled, “I am not your friend!” These words were committed to and we never became friends. Over the years I did become friends with others: close to a few and as I felt, the best to one. My last day in the fleet I remember as I was walking to the bus I stopped at the barracks that once housed 2/3. One by one I said goodbye to my friends. None replied as none were there and in the silence the Sergeant’s words became back at me again, “I am not your friend…”

Was I just a uniform…?

When I came home on leave after Desert Storm there were family and friends, crowds galore, and media wanting to show my face. People took my hand, bought me drinks, and praised me from door to door. However, when I came home for good there were no eyes, no hands, not a single word of praise: That night in the terminal I still remember sleeping on the floor…

Was I just a uniform…?

On my uniform I do not have to prove that I will serve my country; I do not have to prove that I will fight for my country; I do not have to prove that I deserve to wear my uniform. For many years I wanted people to see me like they saw my uniform, but what took me a long time to realize is that as I let my uniform present my character, I now had to let my character represent me…

I am more than just a uniform…!

“The entrance of your character speaks louder than your introduction” REC

Collaborative Topic: Whatever is your uniform, what does the entrance of your character look like…?

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