A Touch on God

I must concede that I believe in God. However, in my concession I know at this time I would likely not go to heaven. I do not believe God would deny me to enter, I just do not believe I would choose to pass through the gates.

I have loved God since I was very young and if you were to ask me who my favorite super hero was when I was young it would be without a doubt Jesus Christ. However, I never saw Jesus as a cross; I never saw Jesus as a story in a book; I never saw Jesus as a god rising to a heaven to welcome us home. I saw Jesus as a human created by God (which ever you choose to claim) to stand with integrity of the whole and say, “I am what you are made to be, and home… Is right here.” For this I loved God…

Baptized Christian, Catholic, and Mormon, and dabbling in a variety of other faiths, I am however, a religious mutt. Through the eyes of a mutt I see the many faces of what God created to be human and I grow so angry at God that my blood boils with an immense hate.

The professor who is lauded on high for he writes a book on Agape Love, yet he acts with arrogance and vanity. The chaplain who is ordained to save, yet casts out a dying man because it was assumed the man could not work. The town that burns their homes and harms their neighbors for the injustice of a perceived enemy; and a nation; and a world, which follows suite. People who seek not to collaborate, resolve, and progress as humans, but rather to bitch, react, and destroy as animals.

I know it is said that God should not be scorned for the sins of man, but if I must separate humans from God then who I am would be pointless. In theology I learned of creatio ex nihilo (creation out of nothing). Since it is impossible to have a nothing it would be more accurate to say, “God created out of God”. My most predominate virtue is my Humanities. If I were to concede that God created me with this predominance then I must concede that I was meant to stand for God’s humanity. However, if I were to concede this, I must also concede that God created all others with a given predominance of God. To hold faith that God supports my next step, the hand of God should look like my neighbors…

It is not uncommon to think that my problem is with God and/or my problem is with humans. However, in Character Profiling we find that the problem does not necessarily rest in the external (but by extrinsic means), rather the problem rest more in my intrinsic temperament – In my Character.

An emotion is an association label given to define the linked experience between intrinsic temperament, extrinsic appraisal, and the witnessed phenomenon. The emotion, whether “positive” or “negative” is the precipice of the pendulum swing. If the pendulum strikes the east wall the impact explodes with intensity. Anger, Despair, Grief; the list goes on and on to the overwhelming “negative” emotions we experience. If the pendulum strikes the west wall the impact also explodes with intensity. Composure, Hope, Joy; the list goes on and on to the overwhelming “positive” emotions we experience. It is not uncommon to plead not to feel the east pendulum crash and it is not uncommon to desire to stay in the west pendulum crash. It is not uncommon to get stuck in either…. However, if we take a moment to think about either of the pendulum crash we can actually find truth and value in the base that holds the swing. The base holds Character: And Character is who you are!

Collaborative Topic: God (whichever you choose) created you with unique temperament: Do you know what yours is…?

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