Sorry… A bit of a Rant

Bill Maher declares a Twitter War and proclaims we must choose a side. We rally behind the ugly faces of Palin and Moore who spew stupidity with the misuse of every word that comes out of their mouths, yet they are smart enough to know that the simple minds will make them famous. Damn….

Do you know what a Marine is called…? Teufel Hundens – Devil Dogs! Do you honestly think that the Germans called us this name because we were honorable and nice! Some warriors of America are like Athenians who were farmers and black-smiths yet fought to the end to protect home, but some are Spartans – Born for battle; raised to kill; they fight to the end period, because that is what they do – and they are damn good at their job.

We give millions of dollars to Trump because there are no bullets that come out of that stupid finger he points as a gun, yet we rally for civil war over a Spartan WE hired to defend our home with a real gun. Damn… At times we act like peasants fighting each other over the poured milk of the queen’s bath.

Civil war is brother against brother, sister against sister, child against child, home against home. Other counties have done this for thousands of year and continue to do so as one warlord seeks power over the next and engages in the simple mindedness of genocide as the only resolve. As war we have done it once, but as civilians we still continue to wage the same because we can never seem to understand: Who is the enemy at home…?

Again, sorry for the rant…

Collaborative Topic: What does it mean to collaborate…?




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