Wrong Jungle…

I often use a story I heard about (paraphrased and brief) a group of people trudging through a jungle making great progress day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. One day an individual noticed how long it seem to be since they first started and decided to climb a tall tree to look for their destination. Upon reaching the top and looking around the individual yelled down to the group, “We are in the wrong jungle…!” And the reply…, “But we are making such great progress!”

Many moons ago I had this disorder where I felt there was an hourglass sitting over my shoulder. I only had so long before something in my life would go away, and what seemed to be the problem with my hourglass was how fast the sand would run out.

One might imagine the panic as, after discovering that the vitality (life energy) of one’s life rests within one’s Humanities, the hourglass of old returned. My life is within my world and within my world is you: We are in the wrong jungle… As I see the sands running out, what do I do…?

The story of the jungle is meant to be inspirational to change direction and get in the right jungle. Unfortunately it does not tell the part where by common script the individual sharing the wisdom likely faces a choice: Continue with the group, or change direction – alone…

I went to church and saw one individual speak of wisdom to a hundred individuals who left without implementing a word. I read articles and news stories that proclaim doctrine then suppress critic of premise. I see rants of arrogance defending honor and humbleness… (Calling someone a name for calling someone a name is the same calling of a name period). I see individuals post divine words to touch the hearts in need, yet no word was of their own. I see the fight for humanity that does not fight to be human. I see love as just a reality show or a twilight that is not real… I see my world… We are in the wrong jungle… As I see the sands running out, what do I do…?

As instructed, I did a search for the top social media sights. You know, the car helped us get to the next town faster; the train to the next state faster; the plane across the country and across the ocean faster; but the internet… Wow…! We have the ability to have every individual on the planet share wisdom with every individual on the planet in just a matter of seconds. And what do we do with it…?

It is funny that you farted… The babies are so adorable… The pets are really, really cute… If you want empathy to understand your pain, this I can… But if you want more for me to suffer your pain, this I cannot… Your articles are great, but are you seeking collaboration of wisdom, or the vanity of recognition and worship… What color are your words…? What words of yours are free…? I see my world… We are in the wrong jungle… As I see the sands running out, what do I do…?

Collaborative Topic: Where is the right jungle…? Please collaborate: What do I do…?

Email: oddmail@anoddbox.com

Website: http://anoddbox.com


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