AnOddBox®: Obstinate Reactive Cognition

I have not written a post in a while as I have struggled in perseverance. Nearly every day I make the statement that there is a method to my madness. I may not harbor what I state, but I hold a premise as to why I state it… A premise grows strong toward truth by rationale… Thus my method is to promote rationale. The struggle I face every day is Obstinate Reactive Cognition…

In perhaps my most previous post I stated that the message of Christ could not be achieved by Christians. There was a reason why I stated this… A response I received was rather ironic and admittedly was a punch in the gut… My own profession omitted the post for reason of me making that statement. To face Obstinate Reactive Cognition from the expected masters of cognition…, left me somber that my hope for Human is a Melancholy Hope…, a hopeless hope…

So what is Obstinate Reactive Cognition…? Though it is a highly provocative concept that animals have cognition it is not beyond mere observation to see my pug engaging in a degree of strategy to get around my attention to get to the cat’s litter box (I know…, yuk!). However, there is a strong premise to not anthropomorphize animals. By and large, animals react from stimuli far greater than from reason, and because at this point we have not deciphered animal language we can only go by the observation that animals do not exhibit a high degree of executive rationale. I am confident to say that by and large animals have the capacity for knowledge with a degree of understanding, and I am even more confident that animals behave predominately from stimuli. Animals have Reactive Cognition… The bear does what a bear does…

Many times I have observed human animals stating, “I don’t know why I did it…, I just did it…” Or, “I don’t know why I can’t stop…, I just can’t…” Or, “I don’t know why I think this…, I just do…” I could just chalk these individuals up as animals and let it be what it is… The bear does what a bear does… But these are human animals with the capability of rationale…, and thus I must try for the human…

Far more often than the above I come across a human animal that states, “That’s just the way I was raise…” Or, “That’s just my personality…” Or, “That’s just who I am…” Or any number of barrier/defensive statements… Ignorance is understandable as ignorance means not knowing. Obstinate on the other hand is a choice…, a choice to refuse any attempt of persuasion…, a choice to refuse rationale…

Obstinate Reactive Cognition is the refusal to engage in rationale… Obstinate Reactive Cognition is not a disease…, not a biological defect…, it is not ignorance… Obstinate Reactive Cognition is a choice to be reactive to stimuli rather than rationale…

The population that I work with exhibit more ignorance than obstinacy. Though some do exhibit obstinate behavior the scales tend to tip more on the side of ignorance. What inspires me about this scale of ignorance is that these human animals want to know how to be human. Much of society do not like the population I work with…, hell much of my profession does not like the population I work with. I am often cautioned against burnout with this population. Unfortunately, I observe more Obstinate Reactive Cognition at the mall…, at the grocery store…, in traffic…, on internet commentaries and social medias…, and again, even in my own profession. I observe more Obstinate Reactive Cognition in the population I walk with than the population I work with…

I often ask…, it is but of many questions I often ask…, but I ask with an intent… If Satan were to do a good thing does this make Satan good…? If Satan does a good thing does it make the good thing evil…? I am intrigued by the answers I hear, yet I am often dismayed by the who that speaks their answers. More often than other the fallen ask questions before stating an answer… More often than other it is the risen that state a reactive yes or no…

Wisdom once said that if one wants to save the world one must first answer does the world want to be saved. Wisdom also said that if one only watches the fall…, one watches while falling… What…, oh what…, does the one do…?



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2 Responses to AnOddBox®: Obstinate Reactive Cognition

  1. ladonna crampton says:

    Hopefully as we are falling, maybe something will help the flow of the fall, like a parachute and we can land on safe ground. Are YOU the parachute?

    • AnOddBox says:

      I like the parable… If I may ask…, what would the parachute look like…? I asked a question in group one day…, if there were nothing holding you accountable but yourself…, no law…, no God…, just you…, what would you do…, what kind of person would you be…? One answer was…, I would rob a bank… Taken aback a bit I replied…, okay so why would you rob a bank…? So that I could buy a car… Why not just steal the car…? Oh…, that would be wrong…
      What would the parachute look like…?

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