Perception Profile

mgc-anoddbox-pprofileA few years ago I created what I call Character Profiling to help individuals define their natural temperaments into genuine Character. The first step in doing Character Profiling is to complete a Perception Profile.

A Perception Profile is how the individual believes themself to be right now. I can attest that so far, nobody has been able to perceive themselves accurately.

Everybody seems to love revealing their personality. Colors, stars, letters, and even animals … everybody seems to love to characterize their personality to say, “This is who I am!” With as much as I have been doing this, there is little doubt in my mind that the majority of your personality that you so adamantly believe is yours, was written by someone else. AND, without genuine Character I am confident to say that ALL of your personality, belongs to that someone else.

I created an online questionnaire that I have an individual complete and from their data I create the silhouette of their Perception Profile. When the individual first receives their profile there is actually disappointment because I do not give them a narrative of who they perceive themselves to be. This is about defining your genuine Character. If I define your character then your character belongs to me.

YOU define your Character. I just help you see it. Again, with as much as I have been doing this, I always seem to be able to see more in your Perception Profile, than you do.

I talk about Character in our forthcoming book An Engraved Mark: A Journey to Find Character. Admittedly, I cannot put all that I know and all that I do in a four hundred page book. But we are hoping that our book will spark a passion for knowing your genuine Character.

Why is genuine Character so important? Just ask yourself, If you had the magical wish, how much of this life that you are living is the life you would truly choose to be living? Genuine Character afford you the ability to choose to live YOUR life. Does it not strike you with a curiosity and excitement–a passion–to know and experience, your life?

Are you intrigued?

We are tentatively scheduled to release our book at the beginning of 2017. We could definitely use your help, but we will release it regardless. The movement of defining Character is that important.

If you would be willing to help please visit our Indiegogo campaign at

We even offer as a perk a Perception Profile plus a signed copy of the book.

Are you intrigued?

If you have any questions feel free to visit our website at or drop us a comment.

Thank you,

Ron and Mary

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