What is AnOddBox…?
If I had a dollar for every time I heard the phrase, “Think outside the box…” The phrase indicates that a box confines thinking. The business world lauds the creative entrepreneur for thinking outside the confines of thinking to be a thriving success… Think outside the box… I often question… Whose box is it…? And what is wrong, inside the box, that thriving requires thinking outside it…?
A box is meant to hold and store things. A box has four walls. A box has a bottom which is generally sealed to keep the things from falling out. And a box has a top, which provides one opening to get the things out. Thoughts however, are not things… Every animal has thoughts… Some animals have more thoughts than others… To varying degrees… For nearly every animal however, and as far as we have the current ability to know, the thoughts are linear… Linear thoughts are essentially determinate thoughts from point A to point B. Linear thoughts are retrieved from only one opening…
Linear thoughts are restricted by essentially… Instincts… There is one animal however, that has an ability for thought that is more than linear… It is the Human animal… What makes the Human non-linear is an ability called meta-cognition. Meta-cognition, essentially means to think about thoughts. Meta-cognition cannot be confined by walls of determinate thoughts… Meta-cognition does not need a sealed bottom, for Meta-cognition does not fall… And Meta-cognition can be retrieved from many openings…
Meta-cognition affords the Human the ability to rationally define life, and more importantly it affords the Human the ability to rationally define self…!
AnOddBox is a concept of a box of thoughts which opens on every side… As such AnOddBox cannot be walls to hold and store thoughts, but rather AnOddBox releases thoughts… From every side… In every direction… In a nutshell, AnOddBox is not a box… It is you…
When you are ready…, Contact Us.


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